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Understand triggers for asthma and how medications work.


Eliminate chronic cough, frequent wheezing, and recurrent respiratory symptoms associated with asthma


Improve your quality of life by controlling asthma symptoms

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Secrets to Asthma Success

Asthma KidCare Go-Bag


Your Roadmap to Successful Asthma Treatment – A Parent’s Guide to Preparing for Your Child’s Doctor Visits and Long-Term Care is designed to help any parent or caregiver of a child with asthma. Your struggle with understanding asthma medications and finding excellent care for your child is over. Learn how to partner with your doctor to create an asthma plan for your child that actually works.

What Others Are Saying

“I absolutely love the Kidcare Go-Bags. They are sturdy, have a modern design wiith plenty of room, and are beautifully packaged. I know they are designed to take all the places your kid might go outside of your home. My kid goes nowhere right now, but I still needed help organizing all of his medicines. I had an exploding basket of emergency meds that are now perfectly organized in a Go-Bag on the kitchen counter. I am amazed that everything fits including his inhaler, spacer, epipens, a small bottle of allergy medicine, eczema cream, and a completed asthma action plan.”
– Lisa L

The Dr. JoiMD Difference

Pediatric Pulmonologist

As a Board Certified Pediatric Pulmonologist or lung specialist for kids, I have have successfully cared for thousands of kids with asthma. As an asthmatic myself, I know what it takes to conquer asthma symptoms. With my help parents of kids with asthma understand the secrets to effective asthma care. I have created for kids and parents a way to keep asthma medications organized and ready to use. Asthma KidCare Go-Bag makes asthma care easy!

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